Imagine growing up without a childhood.

The problems of children are growing in Ghana. In Ho Diocese, intact families are often subsistence farmers but there is also a significant number of single mothers. Because of the hardships poverty brings, children often flee to urban areas as early as five to fourteen years old seeking food and better living conditions. Literally, thousands of children are living on the streets trying to survive on their own without sufficient food or clothing. Lacking parental care, these children become susceptible to exploitation and abuse leading to a number of diseases including TB, malaria, STDs and an increased risk of HIV.

HDAC hopes to develop a program to engage these children and to support their entry into a more stable lifestyle. This would include attention to their physical, emotional and educational needs. AIDS education is particularly important to this population.


To establish a safe place where these children can come to seek help without the fear which daily life on the street brings. By helping these youngsters, HDAC hopes to attack one of the root causes of the HIV infection and to provide a healthier environment for the next generation.

To provide the children of Ho Diocese with a basic education and to help them develop the knowledge, skills and vocational training to prosper in the future.